National Geographic recommends my Bangkok Podcast

On the National Geographic site they have a feature called “48 Hours in Bangkok” by Mary Beth La Rue.
They list a number of sites, blogs and podcasts.

In the podcast section they recommend only one podcast which is the Tips For Travellers Bangkok podcast.

The article writes:

“In the March 2007 issue of National Geographic Traveler, writer Roy Hamric explores the city in “Bangkok: Asia’s City of Angels.” Use Traveler’s picks of Bangkok’s best blogs, podcasts, magazines, movies, and more to explore Thailand’s beautiful capital—a city with an ever-evolving art, music, and film scene and delectable dishes”

About this blog, they write:

Tips for Travellers
In Gary Bembridge’s “Tips for Travellers” podcasts, he provides listeners with very usable tips while visiting the featured city. Check out this one on Bangkok with advice such as “avoid a homemade tailor, but be sure and visit one of Bangkok’s night markets.”

Click here to visit the blog posting with the podcast links and tips

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