Avoid These Packing Mistakes While Travelling On Long Journeys

Avoid These Packing Mistakes While Travelling On Long Journeys

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Travelling, as it sound, isn’t that easy. It comes with a package of planning and booking and then planning some more. And when it comes to packing for long journeys, there is just no going wrong. And yet we end up with packing mistakes that have the potential of ruining our entire long vacation. So why not have a list of the commonly made packing mistakes that one should avoid for long journeys? Let’s just say that one traveller’s mistake is another traveller’s lesson. Take a look at the below listed mistakes and avoid them like a plague.

Overpacking: Stuffing your bags with too many clothes is a big no-no, not just for long, but any journey. Imagine hauling a heavy bag throughout your journey would be such a pain. And the extra charge you might have to pay for overweight luggage at the airport may overshoot your vacation budget. Always stick to the rule of ‘pack smart and travel light’.

Packing wrong clothes: This is in regard with the climatic conditions. Plan a vacation and first check the weather of the place you are travelling to before packing your bags. If the conditions are fluctuating, carry at least one item suitable for the predicted weather. Do not overpack your bag with too many winter clothes since they will weigh down your bags.

Packing medicines and valuables in checked bag: If you have some prescribed medicines, you have to carry them for longer journeys. However, be sure to pack them in your carry-ons. Checked baggage may get misplaced at times and you may find it difficult to get the specific medicines at your vacation destination. Same goes with your valuables such as jewellery. You must avoid carrying them at all but in case it is a must, pack them in your carry-ons.

Stuffing toiletries: With most of the hotels providing lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and many other grooming products, there is hardly any necessity to load your bag with many toiletries. Some may also tend to leak in your bag, spoiling all other packed items. Carry only the essential toiletries that may not be provided at your accommodation.

Loading too much footwear: There is no need to have a footwear to match your every attire. Footwear tends to occupy a lot of space, leaving very little for your clothes. Besides, they also make your bag heavy.

Not following the 3-1-1 rule: According to the 3-1-1 rule for airlines, a passenger cannot carry liquids that are beyond 100 millilitres in their carry-ons. If such containers are found in the carry-ons, they are confiscated and the chances of getting them back are equal to nil. So, pack your deodorants, after shaves, creams, and gels in your checked baggage.

Avoid these packing mistakes and you’ll be able to smoothly sail through the longer journeys.




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