Virgin Atlantic Lounge Gatwick (review and pictures)

Virgin Atlantic invests a lot of money into their home base lounges and I have been to the one at London Heathrow many times. This is quite something and I am sure it must still be the best and most impressive airport lounge around. You can read and see more about that lounge in the review I did by clicking here.

The last time I was in a Virgin lounge at Gatwick was years ago, and the lounge now is light years ahead of what it used to be. It is not on the scale of the London Heathrow one, but is still impressive with great facilities.

Free to Upper Class (Virgin’s business class) passengers, they seem to also sell access for around £25 ($50) a person.

The lounge provides a hot meal service as well as a large buffet with cereals, fruit etc as well as drinks. These are served by staff, which were chatty and efficient.

There is also a spa where you can have your hair cut for free and some massage and other treatments also for free. There is a shoe shine man, business centre, and quiet lounge. There is also free wireless internet access.

The lounge has wall-to-ceiling windows making it bright and open.

All-in-all: very nice.

Gary Bembridge

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