Taiwan Part 1: on my way

I am off to Taiwan today. I will be flying out of London Heathrow on Cathy Pacific via Hong Kong to Taipei. I have to change planes at Hong Kong and as there is only an hour from the time I land to the flight to Taipei I am assuming that it is not very likely that I will be on that flight but the next one!

The flight from Heathrow to Hong Kong is about 12 hours. I like long flights, but probably as I am very spolit as this is a business trip and I am going First Class I get to get pampered, stretch out in a seat that goes flat and horizontal – and wear this “chinese inspired” pyjama things they give you complete with little slippers.

I flew on Cathy Pacific last year from London to Hong Kong, where I was for a week on buisnes, and then from there to Sydney Australia for a week and then all the way back to London (24 hours) also via Hong Kong.

I enjoyed Cathy as although the service, food and drink options and entertainment choices are not as good as airlines like British Airways and Virgin Atlantic – they are pretty helpful and caring on board. They also seem to have a very good time keeping record (so maybe I will get that connection!)

I will post a comment/ review about the flight and the service – and if I am feeling a bit cheeky take some pics of the seat/ bed and cabin. I am writing this posting in the First Class lounge at Heathrow and will try and take some pics and update this blog with them when I am on my own PC (this is on the PCs in the lounge.

The lounge is very trendy looking, not huge as I guess there is not that many 1st Class passengers. They have lovely dim sum (yummy), sandwiches, salad and carrot cake on offer. They also have booze and coffees etc. The only thing is that is it SO quiet and sedate and even talking on the phone seems to make you feel like you are shouting. I even worry that my typing is too loud……

Gary Bembridge

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