Silversea Silver Whisper Reviews : For The Love of Illy Coffee

Illy Coffee on-board Silversea Silver Whisper

Illy Coffee on-board Silversea Silver Whisper

Illy coffee on a cruise ship? Excitement stirred in me when an Illy branded cup was placed with a flourish in front on me by the waiter after lunch on the first day on the Silver Whisper.

Coffee on every cruise ship I have been on has ranged from terrible to just good enough to endure. It means that whenever I get to a port, one of my routines is to find a decent cup of coffee before I can explore any delights and treasures. Martin Blanar, the hotel manager on Silversea Silver Whisper, explained that it is all to do with the water. A great cup of coffee needs good water. As coffee is an essential part of the Italian way of life, the Italian inspired Silversea felt they needed to serve the definite Italian brand of coffee : Illy. To do so,  they had to make sure the ship had great enough water to not just make a good cup of coffee but to satisfy the extreme coffee officadios at Illy.

Illy is renown for being pinnicity and fastidious in protecting their coffee. Silversea had partnered with authorities in water filtering and water purification and were creating the sort of water that pleased the demanding coffee police at Illy. Serving great coffee from a famous Italian brand that passengers recognise is important to the line. This is an example of the attention to detail that they feel makes them different to other cruise lines.

Martin explained that an attention to detail in laundry facilities meant that the prestigious Italian linen makers Pratesi allowed their product to be used for the first time on a cruise ship.

Luxury Italian brands and products are woven into the Silversea experience. The ship was built by Mariotti shipbuilders in the historic Italian maritime centre of Genoa. They use Bulgari and Salvatore Ferragamo toiletries, Pratesi linen, Illy coffee and serve Prosecco over French champagne.

If there is no Italian luxury leader, then another European leader is chosen. Like Valrhoda chocolate, Bose audio players, Black Angus beef and Philips TVs and DVD players.

Using luxury and prestigious brand names is to important to the image of Silversea. They seek them out and weave them into the experience.

Silversea luxury for me is being able to have a great cup of Illy coffee. Thank you!

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I travelled as a guest of Silversea on the Silver Whisper on a 7 night Baltics Cruise from Stockholm, visiting Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Copenhagen. Silversea are a privately owned, luxury all-inclusive, small ship cruise line with an Italian heritage that appeals to well-travelled, international guests.

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