Taiwan : Taipei 101 (2nd tallest building in the world)

Taipei 101 in Taiwan is the 2nd tallest building in the world. For a long time it was the tallest until the determined Dubai leadership built the Burj Khalifa which at 2722 feet beat the Taipei 101 at 1671 feet.

Saying that, Taipei 101 is an amazing building!

It has a very distinctive design and look about it that makes it very striking. I will post more about the building over the next few days but meantime here are 2 short video clips. One is of the graphic of the lift – which is the fastest in the world (authenticated by Guiness Book of Records) and the other is a view of the observation deck and the view.

On the lift video I forgot I was filming it in vertical format so it will look like we are going horizontally when you watch the clip… but you still see how damn fast the lift goes!


The lift



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