Lufthansa Flight and Lounge Heathrow Terminal 2

I was, unusually, flying on Lufthansa today instead of my preferred BA. I was flying to Dusseldorf and the BA option meant I would only leave Heathrow at 7.30 pm and get there about 10pm so I took Lufthansa at 5.30.

I was also unusually for a European work trip, travelling business as my routing on this trip and lateness of booking threw up an all business ticket (not that I am complaining, though sure our corporate travel will!).I was quite surprised by the Business Lounge they had at Heathrow as it was particularly uninspiring. It is large, as there are a lot of flights, but looked like some sort of grey public service waiting room (as the pictures show). There was quite a good selection of self service drinks and snacks. But poor facilities for working as almost nowhere to plug the laptop in. There was t-mobile internet wireless access you could buy (why don’t airlines just make it free in lounges).

From the lounge you get a view of part of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 gates.

So what about the flight?

We were on a Boeing 737-300. The business class seats looked flimsy and are basically economy seats but with more space between you and your neighbour as they block out the middle seat with a small table thing. The seats are all though in that omnipresent grey. The space you have in business is better than BA as in their club only one side of the plane has the small space between you and your neighbour. The food, though, served was not great. A strange meat salad and some desert.

All in all, I guess that Business Class on European Flights have very little benefit to flying economy and for the extra cost I am not sure that it is worth it – as the flights are generally so short it is not practical to get out a laptop to work. I tend to tap out emails on my Blackberry (in safe flight mode of course!) and I can do this in economy or business just as efficiently!

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