British Airways Customer Service

I was very pleased and impressed yesterday when I got a call from British Airways Customer Service to personally apologize for an issue I had on the flight I did from London Heathrow to New York Newark. The new video on demand system, which I believe is causing some problems generally, was not working at my seat. This problem also affected the person next to me and the 2 seats behind me.

This meant there was no entertainment for the 7.5 hour flight. The crew were friendly and gave me a form to fill in. Instead of handing it in I posted it when I got back. I got a letter saying they had received it but then got a call saying they were sorry for the problem, hope that it had not ruined the flight and not affect my future decision. Plus they gave me 20000 miles. This is enough for a return flight to many routes in Europe in economy and so a generous resolution.

It was a simple and great move to make one feel valued.

My tip is that is you are unhappy with something then make a complaint. Don’t rant and make a scene as the crew are trying to get things sorted. BA will, if you have a real complaint, do the right thing in my experience.

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