Las Vegas Tips For Travellers

Las Vegas Bellagio Fountains At Night (with Paris Hotel & Eiffel Tower In Background)

Las Vegas Bellagio Fountains At Night (with Paris Hotel & Eiffel Tower In Background)

A reader called Brain contacted me asking for my tips for travellers visiting Las Vegas. He wrote: “You mentioned that you like to travel to Vegas for two weeks at a time every couple years. I would appreciate some info about about a “Solo” adventure to Vegas for two to three weeks. I like to explore a new area extensively when I get there. What do you suggest re: reasonable budget accommodations (clean,safe and comfortable), efficiency?, restaurants and major sites to see. (Grand Canyon etc…)”

Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas

Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas

Here were my thoughts on his query:

Hopefully the various articles on the site will provide lots of tips and things to do. The city is always changing but they are pretty much all still active and live.

Prices of hotel vary dramatically based on time of the year and what major events (e.g. boxing) or conferences are on (e.g. CES). Prices also tend to double on weekends versus prices in the week, and so we often plan to head to places like Palm Springs or even LA on weekends as we find can get flight and accommodation for less than staying in Vegas. In terms of places to stay the best thing to look for great deals is in some of the older strip hotels (like Circus Circus, Stratosphere ) or resorts off the strip (like Rio and Palm). These often have amazing prices (down to even $30 a night) and you have all the benefits of being in a major report and handy for everything. Hotels like The Plaza (which was featured in “Back To The Future”) down in Fremont Street which is the old Las Vegas can be very inexpensive too – but tend to be rougher and more rowdy area and not close to all the big attractions.

The best articles for my detailed tips are:

In-depth advice and tips, along with background on the city:

Fremont Street:


Neon Museum:

22 Must-do Things To Do in Las Vegas (audio):

If going to the Grand Canyon it is worth splashing out on the helicopter trip that includes taking you right into the canyon and time to go to the glass floor SkyWalk. It is costly though and can cost $600. Check on Viator for offers and deals is my tip!

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