PODCAST #6: Paris France

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Podcast recorded: Paris France on 13 October 2005

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Paris is a magical city. A mention of its name immediately evokes an image of style, sophistication and glamour. And without a shadow of doubt this is one beautiful city, whatever the season. The broad boulevards and clever layout of the city means you can see the various famous landmarks in most cases lined up through careful town planning over the centuries. And as it was occupied by the German Nazi’s during the second world war, it’s buildings and historical architecture escaped the hammering and destruction that so other major European cities on either side of the war went through.

As I travelled to Paris on this trip on the Eurostar – my most favourite and recommended way to get from London to Paris – I was trying to remember just how many times I have visited the city. I think it must be close to 20 times. And for a wide range of reasons and with a wide range of experiences – from camping as a student way back in the summer of 1980 through to attending some very glamorous meetings at one of the most ridiculously expensive hotels to, more usually, as a tourist popping over from London for a weekend break or for a work meeting.

This week on the podcast I am going to take a look at Paris and, as usual, give you “My Travel Review” of this stylish city and let you know what you absolutely must do if you visit.

This week’s podcast topics:

  • The Eurostar and the Channel Tunnel (short history and review of the service)
  • A short history and facts about Paris
  • The 6 places or things you absolutely must do if you visit Paris. Things you could do all of in a packed few days visit.
  • A place to stay that is very central
  • Post Bag with listener comments and feedback – including “My Travel Reviews: Correction Section” where I correct some errors in a previous podcast
  • Another travel podcast I like listening to you may want to take a listen to (iPod Traveller)

Eurostar and Euro Tunnel

  • Euro tunnel (information and booking): click here
  • Channel Tunnel (the website of the company with some history, facts etc): to follow

History and facts about Paris

10 Places/ things you must do if you visit Paris
There are 6 sites that the tourist board says annually get visited by some

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