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PODCAST # 5: Cunard’s QE2 (Queen Elizabeth 2)

This week’s podcast is all about the famous (or is it infamous?) QE2 (Queen Elizabeth 2) ocean liner. The review is based on the Trans-Atlantic crossing from Southampton (UK) to New York that I went on in the wilds of winter in December 2004.

And it was certainly wild.

Crossing the Atlantic in mid-winter is not for the faint hearted (or those with poor sea-legs). But it is – and was – one of the most exciting and wonderful trips I have ever done.

Part of this is because you are really being a part of history, as the ship no longer does regular trans-Atlantic crossings (that is the job of the newer Queen Mary 2), part of it is because generally few ships do a winter Atlantic crossing as the seas are too rough for the average punter and thirdly this ship has been around since the late 1960s and is working out her final years with style and grace. So you really are quite simply taking part in what is a historical journey.

This ship is the longest serving Cunard ship in its history. An impressive feat when you know how old the Cunard line has been running!

In the podcast we look at the following things:

  • Short history of the Cunard Line
  • Short history and fun facts about the QE2 (Queen Elizabeth 2)
  • My thoughts about the QE2 based on the Trans-Atlantic Winter Crossing in December 2004
  • Another travel podcast (Home Travel Agent Podcast) (Link in the right hand column)


My Pre and During Cruise Blog
These pages cover in some detail the run up to and details of the crossing itself

My Review of the QE2 Crossing

My Photos of the QE2 (Zillions of them..!)

Videos of how rough it was on the crossing
Video 1 : Bow of the ship with waves crashing over it
Video 2 : Stern of the ship rising and falling in rough weather

Video 3: Pools on stern of ship with water sloshing about due to movement of the ship

My Reviews of books about Cunard / QE2

My Reviews of Videos/ DVDs about Cunard/ QE2

My Cunard/ QE2 Brochure Collection (Got any I am missing? email me!)

Cunard Website

Cunard Memorabilia

Expert and Passenger Reviews of the Ship

BBC “On This Day” – launch of the QE2

  • Read all about the day the QE2 was launched in 1967 – and see the video of the naming and launch!
  • Click here

Wilipedia (online encyclopaedia – which is excellent by the way!)

Fan Sites

Best Community / Message Boards on Cunard

Cruise Critic
http://boards.cruisecritic.com (Click on the Cunard Message Board – VERY active and very helpful boards)

Yahoo Groups

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I grew up in Zimbabwe, but I have been based in London since 1987. My travel life spans more than three decades and that includes more than 95 cruises. In 2005, I launched Tips for Travellers to make it easy and fun for people to discover, plan and enjoy incredible cruise vacations. And the rest, as they say, is history. I have the largest cruise vlogger channel currently on YouTube, with more than 3 million video views per month.

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