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Earlier in the week I was in Düsseldorf in Germany for work. This is a city that I have visited probably about 30 times. I used to visit the city about once or twice a month about 5 years ago.

On the British Airways flight there, of which there are about 5 or 6 a day as this is a major business centre, I started to make notes for the podcast and was embarrassed to say that I knew almost nothing about the city. And that included where exactly in Germany the city was. This is one of the terrible facts of business travel. It is so easy to see travel to places as part of a regular commute, where you pay scant attention to anything other than the price and time of the cab to take you from and to the airport to your meeting.

So this trip was a great opportunity for me to find out more about Düsseldorf, and to really experience the city.

So on this week’s podcast I look at:

  1. Where Düsseldorf is and a brief history.
  2. The 3 types of people most likely to find themselves visiting. Are you one of them?
  3. What exactly is there to do in Dusseldorf?
  4. As usual, another Travel Podcast that I listen to that you may want to check out. This one is Travel Commons.


Where exactly is Düsseldorf, and a brief history

Dusseldorf is the capital of the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany, which is the most populated region.

Over three-quarters of the city was destroyed during the Second World War by the Allies bombing. So much of the city is new or has been reconstructed.

Read more:

· History & location: http://en.wikipedia.org/ (Exact link TBC)

· Official city site: http://www.duesseldorf.de/eng/index.shtml

· Dusseldorf 360 degree views: http://www.dusseldorf360.de/

· City Panoramas (views of highlights): http://www.panorama-cities.net/dusseldorf/dusseldorf.html

What is there to do in Dusseldorf?

At the risk of offending loyal fans and residents of the city, I have to say that there is not as much to do and see as some of the other German cities. But saying that residents absolutely love the city and the quality of life – and so maybe that is the best tip this week: if you are looking for a great place to live look at Dusseldorf!

But seriously, there are (of course) some great things to do if you are visiting the city for one of the reasons outlined before. And so here is My Travel Reviews suggested 8 great things to do in Dusseldorf:

1. Make sure you visit during and attend Carnival

a. Famous for the carnival period that runs towards the end of February over 4 or 5 days the city parties with over 600 events. There are actually 3 major carnivals that take place over this time:

i. Altweiberfastnacht (in 2006 it will be on 23 Feb) – women of the city besige the town hall in the old town.

ii. Karnevalssonntag (in 2006 on Sunday 26 Feb.) – a colourful street carnival along Konigsallee

iii. Rosenmontagszug (in 2006 on Monday 27 Feb.) – an enormous carnival procession that moves all round the town centre, where sweets are thrown from the floats into the crowds

b. Read more: TBC

2. Shop as it is the fashion capital of Germany.

a. The main fashion shops are in an area nicknamed the Ko (Konigsallee street) or the mile of style

b. Read more about the main malls/ stores:

i. http://www.koegalerie.com/

ii. http://www.sevens.de/

iii. http://www.galeria-kaufthof.de

3. Walk down from there to the Altstadt (old town)

a. The longest bar in the world -with around 260 pubs, restaurants in a square kilometre

b. The Rathaus (town hall that looks old but is a reconstruction)

c. Marktplatz – market square

4. Visit the Benrath Palace

a. The very beautiful summer palace of the Elector Carl Theodor – although he only spent one summer there. Built in 1755-1770.

5. Visit the K20 and K21 Art Galleries

a. The K20 is a very renowned modern art gallery housed in a new stunning black marble modern museum.

b. The K21 (proper name the Standehaus) has international contemporary art housed south of the old town beyond some park ponds in a very smart looking traditional building with a glass cupola roof that is very dramatic and visible from quite a distance.

6. Harbour area and Rheinturm (TV tower)

7. Japanese area (gardens and “little Toyko”)

8. Base for travelling to Cologne, Bonn

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Read more: Travelcommons.com

Place to stay

Visit my hotel room video clip section:

Radission SAS Dussledorf hotel room video: click here

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