Virgin America Reviews. First Class Review With Photos.

This is a Virgin America Reviews. One of the newer airlines operating in the USA and part of the Richard Branson Virgin airline business empire that includes Virgin America and Virgin Blue in Australia. This review is of the Virgin America seats and service.

Virgin America First Class Seats

Virgin America First Class Seats

Virgin America First Class Seats
The launch of Virgin America was heralded as the start of something big and new in USA domestic air travel when it happened. The domestic flight scene in the US is known for being about tired and shoddy and off hand experiences, with old fleets and bad service. Bogged down by the effects of over capacity and tottering in and out of chapter 11 bankruptcy.In some ways almost strange to launch an airline into an overcrowded unprofitable category! So I was interested to see what the Virgin brand was bringing  to the market. This review looks at how it is doing and what the experience is like.

There is no doubt that the experience is a different from the stuffy traditional US carriers.

We flew from San Francisco to Las Vegas on Virgin America First Class. They have 12 seats (the 1st 3 rows) and then their main cabin. as they charge to check in bags ($15 a bag) in the main cabin the price difference is not massive. The pre-flight experience is pretty standard as at any airport. There is no lounge unless you pay $35 for the Virgin Atlantic lounge that opens at noon.

Once you step on board things are different.

The staff is casual and informal, calling passengers “guests”. You also notice instead of a solid wall there is a see through pink/ red see through panel. You also note that all seats are leather. White in first and black in main cabin.

The first seats are large and comfy. They recline and have foot rests, like the pre-flat bed type. Lots of leg room.

Throughout the plane is a great in-flight system. You pay for headphones in main cabin. On the system you can watch live TV with about 10 channels, on demand TV and movies, watch your flight. There is also wireless internet access at just under $6 for and hour and half flight.

We got drinks and snacks (crisps, chocolates).

The flight crew are also chatty with their announcements.

Overall I was impressed as they are service orientated and you felt less like a burden that other domestic carriers can make you feel! Worth a try.

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