Virgin Atlantic to cut in-flight therapists in Upper Class

Got this email from “Richard Branson” about the review that Virgin Atlantic is doing about the future on the in-flight therapists on their Upper Class service. Although it is a review, I guess we can assume they are going.

I always thought it was a slightly strange idea, and never in all the times I have flown Virgin ever used them. Though I know some people think they are a great idea. But it did seem like one extra crew and space being used that (with times being so tight) could have another seat that could be sold.

Here is what the email said:

“Dear Member,
I wanted to let you know that we are reviewing the future of our Upper Class In Flight Beauty Therapy Service, and also why we are doing it.

We launched this service in 1990, at that time it was a great innovation and I know passengers loved it. However recent research has shown us that the in-flight treatments are not valued as much now. Tastes and preferences have changed especially since the introduction of fully flat beds and enhanced in-flight entertainment. The success of the Cowshed Spa and Bumble and bumble salon in the Heathrow Clubhouse indicates that Upper Class passengers prefer the wider range of hair and beauty treatments and spa facilities we can offer on the ground rather than in the air. I’m also aware that as our In Flight Beauty Therapist can only treat up to 16 passengers in the Upper Class Cabin during the flight this can cause disappointment.

We have asked all our In Flight Beauty Therapists to take part in the review and therefore over the next few weeks we may not have therapists on board. I’m really sorry about this and if you are travelling with us I hope it won’t cause too much inconvenience.

I will of course let you know the result of the review, which is expected sometime during May. We really value our In Flight Beauty Therapists and if the review concludes that the service should be withdrawn we will be able to offer them alternative Cabin Crew jobs. Additionally, in due course, we would like to boost the number of treatments that we offer you on the ground by increasing the number of beauty therapists at the Heathrow Clubhouse and look to offering new facilities at our Clubhouses around the world.

We look forward to seeing you onboard soon.

Kind Regards Richard Branson

Gary Bembridge

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