Eurostar Upstairs Business Lounge St Pancras London

Just after the new Eurostar St Pancras terminal in London opened, I posted a review and comment about the Business Lounge at the station. The review commented on how small it seemed for the volume of travellers, especially in the morning. To read that review and see the photos: click here.

Eurostar had posted a comment about how that was just Phase 1 of the lounge, and that a large upstairs lounge would be opening in due course.

This Sunday when I travelled on Eurostar to Paris, I found that the new upstairs lounge is now open.

It is not really obvious that there is an upstairs lounge and I think that they need to flag that better. But saying that, once you head up the very long and fairly narrow stairs (although I did discover once up there that there is also a lift) you find a large, well designed and very comfortable lounge. It is less manic that downstairs, partly as downstairs has all the coming and going to trains.

There is a large section with the drinks, papers etc and very comfy seats with power.

To see all my photos of Eurostar, St Pancras and the lounges, click on this link

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