Top Cruise Vlog YouTube Channels Updated

Cruise Vlog

Top Cruise Vlog YouTube Channels Updated

I have updated the tracker of cruise vlogging channels on YouTube, which I last did in May. If any channels are missing, please let me know in the comments, and I will add them for the next update. This list should help people interested in cruising to find new channels that perhaps they did not know about, and a chance to watch and support new and emerging channels.

This is the list of cruise vlog channels ranked by number of subscribers as at 15 August 2021.

Tips For TravellersUK28600097800000

La Lido LocaUSA17600048500000
Royal Caribbean BlogUSA16000037500000
Don's Family VacationsCanada15900062400000
Cruise With Ben & DavidUK14900028000000
Emma CruisesUK14300024700000
The ShiplifeUSA11700017200000
EECC TravelsUSA10600020400000
Harr TravelUSA8570023700000
Schiffstester Matthias MorrGermany8240047300000
A Rich And Jazzy LifeUSA7060018800000
Cruise PassionItaly7030029300000
Life Well CruisedCanada665007290000
Chris Wong VlogsUK635004350000
Travelling With BruceCanada6290018100000
Griff & AlyssaUSA576007150000
Cruise FeverUSA5670022400000
Very Unofficial Travel ChannelGermany5320014900000
Cruise RadioUSA5110010800000
Jordan BauthUSA489005430000
Talking CruiseUSA4780015400000
Popular CruisingUSA4410016000000
AK AdventuresUSA439003900000
Sea CruisersUSA4300021000000
Sharon At Sea TravelUSA409007520000
Cruise DailyUSA377008230000
Mr TravelerUSA330007120000
Alanna ZinganoUSA324009650000
Cruise With AkshayIndia299002400000
Visit With UsUK289004600000
Cruise With JoshUSA267006400000

Solent ShipsUK2530020000000
JJ CruiseUSA251002320000
Chris FrameAustralia248007930000
Sean & StefUSA222003720000
Cruising As CrewUK218001920000
Same Ship Different DayUK215001570000
Jackson Clavier ProductionsUSA1850016800000
Affluent JourneysUSA180005660000
Life With FavorUSA170003930000
The Travel ScoutsUSA145001070000
The Travel ScoutsUSA145001070000
Hoffman Happy TravelsUSA140002920000
Cruising With WheelsUSA135003590000
Scott Singer CruisesUSA116003120000
Travel SpreeUSA11400639000
Paul And Carole Love To TravelUK105002320000
I Like Cruise ShipsAustralia101002740000
Let's Go Travel TipsUSA99601240000
Island TimeUSA9820814000
Cruise CriticUSA95805330000
Andy and KirstieUK92402810000
Cruise MonkeysUK91201650000
Huddle Adventures USAUSA8460308000
The Cruise WorldUSA8450874000
In The Loop TravelUSA82804530000
Cruise Ship ProfilesUK79302480000
Zach The Traveling ManUSA7610825000
Addy And TerryUSA6910391000
The Weekend CruiserUSA6680596000
The Ship ShowUSA6560608000
Cruise Ship Weather ManUSA60302370000
Travel Blog JamieUK59801890000
Nautical Nurse NancyUSA5880695000
The Cruise And Travel GuyAustralia5350794000
Dream Blog Cruise MagazineItaly47503630000
Cruise HabitUSA4360435000
Cruise Control With Bill PanoffUSA4190652000
Oakland TravelUSA40501270000
High Seas CruisingUSA3470632000
Cruise Show UKUK3460338000
Cruise CapitalUK32301820000
Cruising With MatthewUK3190398000
Ocean Time Australia3180722000
Matt and KellyUK2990606000
The Fabjer Life2810166000
Cruising With JTUSA2520352000
The Jacob FamilyUSA2480317000
Curious Lens Of MartinaArgentina2400103000
Sail Away With Dan & JayUSA2360442000
Cruising PeteUK2270459000
It's Cruise DailyColombia2060157000
Guga And RobUSA1890122000
Ken Goes CruisingUK1780166000
Innocents AbroadUSA1740185000
Travel With NickUSA1660119000
Bram Seas The DayBelgium1630124000
Travels With Lizzy LouUK1520138000
Cruise BuoysUK1460107000
Coast To CoastersUK1430146000
Cruising CanucksCanada1280174000
The Tyler ShowUSA1250155000
Suite NaturedUK1180156000
Journey With JoshUSA1130139000
Cruise With AmberUK971144000
Cruise LifestyleUK837172000
Bon VoyageUSA834129000
Marina and Joe Go CruisingUK730141000
How We CruiseUSA72481800
Fraser - Solo Traveller UKUK686110000
Where's WalterUSA66780800
No Cruise ControlUK54288300
Travel CruisersUSA533167000
Plump TravelersCanda51423173
Ship FacedUK509138000
Ageless CuriosityUK41262100
Well Aged CruisersUSA38759100
The Vacation VoyagersUSA32649800
Sunny TravelsUSA26560900
Cruise With MattUSA22825600
Plenty Of Sunshine TravelCanada201112000
Skro's NestUSA15431200
The Travel Life13824000
Views and QueuesUSA223000
Cruise HiveUSA1070000
Get Ship Info And MoreUSA492000
Cruise MummyUK66600

Here are some things that I have seen over the last few months:

  1. The views of these channels has been an amazing 68,100,100 since May! And these channels added 446,000 subscribers.
  2. There are now 5 channels with over 100,000 subscribers: Tips For Travellers (208,000); Don’s Family Vacations (125,000); Cruise With Ben and David (113,000); La Lido Loca (112,000) and Royal Caribbean Blog (104,000)
  3. The 6 fastest growing channels by subscribers since February (when I started the list) are: Tips For Travellers and Emma Cruises (both +43,000); La Lido Loca (+41,600); Jordan Bauth (+30,400) and The ShipLife and Cruise With Ben and David (both at +24,000)
  4. Cruise Passion from Italy has seen huge growth in views, with 7.8 Million since February. The four other channels with most views in that time period are Tips For Travellers (+9.3 million); La Lido Loca (+7.5 million); Don’s Family Vacations (+5.8 million) and Emma Cruises (+4.6 million).

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25 thoughts on “Top Cruise Vlog YouTube Channels Updated

  1. Hello I’d like to see Parodeejay included. They have really been growing recently and have been around for awhile. They have a ton of amazing content

  2. Here are a few you missed: D&G Explorers, Life with Favor, AK Adventures, Nautical Nurse Nancy, Cruising for Food, NYC Rocks, Life is Good Today, Viso’s Travels, MGM Travels, Midlife Crazy

  3. I AM CREW… I have worked on cruise ships for the past 12 years and bring an “insider’s view” of cruising. I have been to 86 countries and have videos on ports and excursions around the world.

    I started a YouTube Channel last year called “Travel Guide and Photography”. I only have 5,403 views and 219 subscribers partly because on my last contract on the NCL Jade for 6 months I had no access to YouTube as crew.

    I am headed to Alaska for my 9th summer this time on the Koningsdam in a couple weeks. My first videos were a 7-part series on Alaska which I will update this year with videos.

    I have been a professional photographer and published since 1979 and an absolute rookie doing videos and YouTube but I am learning.

    YouTube Channel… “Travel Guide and Photography”….

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