The top 5 Florida watersports you need to try

In this article you will discover the top 5 Florida watersports you need to try

Taking part in watersports can be fun, but also daunting. If you have never tried some but are interested in doing so, Florida can meet your needs for various reasons.

The water’s ready accessibility is one big reason; three of Florida’s four borders are bound by ocean. Even away from the coasts, lakes aren’t hard to find. Florida also has temperatures allowing these activities to be enjoyed all year round. So, what exact watersports should you try there?


Florida has plenty of attractive spots for snorkelling; however, the coral reefs lining the Florida Keys are particularly hard to beat. Those reefs wouldn’t be too difficult for you to reach if, for your Florida getaway, you booked accommodation in Key Largo.

From there, you could follow directions specified by The Vacation Times. The site mentions several great snorkelling spots, but singles out the Middle Keys – those are Islamorada, Marathon and Big Pine – for particularly strong praise.

Jet skiing 

Even just watching other people jet ski, it’s clear to see how exhilarating it can be. Imagine the fun of steering a jet ski between mangrove trees and jumping over waves.

An especially good place to jet ski would be Naples. There, you would have good access to various amenities that would make for a well-rounded Florida holiday even when jet skiing excursions are taken out of account. Shops and restaurants are plentiful in the Naples and Marco Island area.

Day sailing

If you want to get on the water but in a rather more laidback and sedate manner than you would expect with a jet ski, then day sailing could be just the water-based activity for you.

In Florida, it’s possible for you to join a sailboat that would be operated by someone else, allowing you to spend much of your time simply admiring the scenery and enjoying rum and snacks. If this is beginning to seem rather Pirates of the Caribbean, this wouldn’t be an overly inaccurate picture.


Surf’s up? It certainly is on Florida’s Gulf Coast. If surfing is something that you can see yourself wanting to do quite a lot during your Florida stay, then we would recommend that you choose St Petersburg or Clearwater as the location of your accommodation in the Sunshine State.

From either of those cities, the Gulf Coast would be easy to get to. It would also be straightforward for you to obtain a surfboard from a local surf shop, the Visit St. Pete/Clearwater site says.


If you are already experienced with surfing but now fancy taxing yourself with something more extreme, you could consider kiteboarding. This basically brings together elements of skydiving, sailing and – yes – surfing. It’s certainly not for the faint-hearted, however…

Kiteboarding can get you moving as much as 30 or 40 miles per hour and multiple stories in height. For a novice, lessons would be crucial. Considering Orlando holidays for 2019? You could book a twin centre package that would let you spend several nights in Clearwater, too.


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