A Guide To International Removals For A Stress-Free Move Overseas

A guide to international removals for a stress-free move overseas

It can be easy to overlook the importance of organising your international removals when moving abroad. Choosing to live overseas is one of the most exciting decisions you can make. It is also one of the biggest, and there are a number of factors to take into account before you take the plunge. 

Moving yourself, your family, and your possessions overseas is one of the primary costs you face when emigrating. It is also your first logistical challenge. But international removals don’t have to be a hassle. 

This guide to international removals will help ensure a stress-free move overseas:

Determine your budget for shipping belongings overseas

There are several costs to consider when emigrating. As well as your initial transport, you may have to pay for accommodation rental or further transport when you arrive in your destination. Your costs may include passports, visas and insurance for yourself and your family. Certain visas may require health checks, so this is a less obvious expense to consider. You should also take in to account cost of living differences. Your initial living expenses will depend hugely on your circumstances, so it’s important to be realistic about your employment and living situation. Being honest with yourself about the cost of each of these factors should ensure a fool-proof budget. 

Decide which possessions you want to take with you

The cost of international removals can vary greatly. Often it comes down to how far you are travelling and which belongings you want to take with you. A popular solution is to leave larger pieces behind, and only take the bare minimum. But you shouldn’t have to part with possessions that you love, or that carry sentimental value. Carefully planning your budget means that you should be able to account for moving all of the possessions that mean the most to you. A reputable mover such as Excess International can guarantee that your most precious belongings arrive with you, for a reasonable cost. Sending your household contents across the world is their specialty, so they can ensure it’s hassle-free. 

Start packing early

It’s all too tempting to leave packing to the last minute. With so many exciting things to consider when moving abroad, organising your things can fall by the wayside. But starting early can make one of the most mundane moving chores more manageable. International shipping warrants a certain standard of packing – especially for fragile goods or valuables. Being proactive with careful packing is the key to avoiding breakages. A useful packing tip is to line crates with bubble wrap and load heavier items first. 

Get advice from international movers

Talking to experts in international removals is the best way to gauge the scale of the operation. Some international removals companies offer free quotes, to help you budget for your move. If you’re having a hard time conceptualising shipping your belongings across the world, getting some clarity from experts about the best way to do it is the best solution. 

Every move is different, with its own unique circumstances and challenges. But these guidelines will help you take care of the international removal aspect, so that you can focus on enjoying an exciting new chapter in your life. 

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