The glamour of business travel captured?

I am not sure of this ad for the UK airline BMI (British Midland) will actually make anyone want to fly with them – but it does (in an exagerated way) bring home how unglamorous business travel can be. So it has a good insight.

The ad (as described on the airline website): ” It is focused around a business man living the reality of the typical business traveller – visiting many countries such as Egypt, America, Jordan and Russia, staying in anonymous hotel rooms where he does not get to enjoy the local hospitality. During the scenes he is depicted on the phone to his loved ones and friends who are oblivious to his lonely existence and envious of his frequent travel to such exciting places. The end of the advert sees him relaxing, enjoying the comfort and familiar surroundings of our business cabin in the knowledge that he will soon be home.”

The ad can be watched on youtube at: or on my blog

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