Paris Pullman Eiffel Tower Hotel Is Closest Hotel To The Eiffel Tower

This hotel used to be a Hilton and in 2009 changed to become one of the Pullman Chain. I stayed here a few times as the Hilton (see original review further below) and now as a Pullman.

The hotel does not seem to have changed at all in decor and facilities, other than the branding across the hotel has changed from Hilton to the Pullman chain.

One thing that I did notice versus the usual Pullman I stay at (Rive Gauche) is that the reception staff (doormen and reception) were every friendly, very chatty and very helpful. In fact some of the staff recognised me and my name from the other hotel and that was a good touch.

They also sent a tray with a chocolate Eiffel Tower, some fruit and juice which was also a nice touch.

I had some problems at the hotel that got dealt with very well, fast and friendly. I had a problem with the heating and that got dealt with fast, and then asked to change rooms to one which did not have an inter-connected door as the people next to me had the TV on so loud. These were dealt with well.

The bar at the hotel and the food there is ok, and the service less friendly there.

There is also FREE wireless access and this is a great touch and wish everyone did that. One big miss is for a hotel this size there is no fitness facilities at all. This is something I think they should address as is the one thing that makes it less appealing, especially when there for business for many days.

The rooms are a good size and comfortable, and fine though if starting to be a bit dated.

Overall a good hotel and a great location and view.

This is a video of the room I stayed in as the Pullman:

And here is a video of a room when was the Hilton, as you can see no real change! …

If the video does not run/ show: click here to watch on YouTube


The hotel Hilton Eiffel Tower/ Hilton Suffren (it seems to go under both names) in Paris is in a stunning location for tourists as right near the famous Eiffel Tower – about a block or so away.

Based on the location it is also expensive, and probably not the best value in the city. But it is very popular with tour groups and conferences.

The hotel itself is clean but in reality although it is in overall fine shape, must be near to a big refurbish as it is not as stylish, contemporary or plush as its prices tend to suggest.

On this trip I was in a “deluxe room” on the 7th floor facing over the sports centre and grounds in front of the hotel and across to the river. The rooms have balconies and there is a great view of the Eiffel Tower.

Like all Hilton Hotels, the bed was very comfortable. The provision of coffee and tea making facilities is good. But things like internet access at 27 Euros for 24 hours and breakfast at 26 Euros are all overpriced.

The food in the hotel in room service and the bar is not great and very standard hotel staples. The bar does do some great cocktails, but they cost 18 Euros!

Like so many Paris hotels it seems, there is no fitness centre and this is really annoying for such a standard and price of hotel.

Prices at the hotel vary dramatically based on the day and week. I have observed this as I book hotels for me very regular trips to Paris for work.

While it is located so well for the Eiffel Tower, it is still a metro ride or cab to the other tourist areas and into town.

I would stay here again, but only when the price for the time I am staying is reasonable as it does become not great value for money a lot of the time.

Gary Bembridge

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