Park Hotel, Zug, Switzerland: Lacks charm. Efficient but dull.

On walking into the lobby of the hotel in the evening I checked in, I was met with a strong smell of cigarette smoke. For Switzerland is one of the few countries in Europe where you can still smoke in restaurants and bars.

In the evening in the lobby there is a very smoky smell, and also in the restaurant. So not ideal.

The Park Hotel is a strange place. It is fine enough but lacks charm, warmth of atmosphere and feels a bit underwhelming. It is not a hotel one would seek out, it is functional and very much a business meeting and overnight stay place.

The first time I stayed here I was given a room that was a “junior suite”. It was large, in an “L” shape. It seems to have been modernised quite recently. There is a video on the posting below.

There was a large quite low height bed, that was comfortable. There was a seating area with 2 very modern looking and not especially comfortable chairs and a table. It felt a bit like an Ikea room setting.

There is a small desk, and TV that is not particularly good quality, but does have a lot of channels – including surprisingly 2 porn channels that are non-fee. So if you flick through channels you get more than just the news….

There is good cupboard space, and a tea/ coffee making facilities (a plus always).

The bathroom is large with not very nice moulded sink unit, no bath but a good sized glass walled shower.

I had room service dinner to avoid the smoky restaurant area and that was efficient but un spectacular. The breakfast in the restaurant was the same, with a fairly average buffet.

I did not use any of the pool or fitness, but good to know they have it.

On the last trip I stayed in a more normal room (304) that was compact but had a large self standing air conditioning unit that was so loud it would be like sleeping on a factory floor if you tried to use it at night. So not very helpful.

The hotel overall is just strange.

The location is good as about maximum 10 minutes walking from the Zug train station. But overall a very average hotel, but the main one in the area. It lacks charm.

Watch a video of room 304 on blog post or on YouTube:

Watch a video of the room 227 on YouTube (click here), or on the blog posting:

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