Discount Offer: Prints of Your Cruise Itinerary from

Patron Offer: Prints of Your Cruise Itinerary from

Tips For Travellers Discount Offer: Prints of Your Cruise Itinerary from

I have an exciting offer for you! I have been on the lookout and trying to find various offers for followers of the site, and the guys over at “The Cruise Maps” have answered me.

Matthew Jones and Will Ellison launched this product this year, so I thought trying to support them would be a helpful thing to do, as well as giving all you followers an added bonus of a discount!

They offer prints and framed prints of one’s exact cruise itinerary based on real GPS data from the trip, and they told me they use points based on 15-minute intervals to create the map. They say it is not an approximation or simple itinerary map – they use the ship’s GPS tracing data.

Drawing on that they create maps (like the one shown below for my Hapag Lloyd Greenland and Canadian Arctic trip) which you can then personalise with any title. As I discovered, it was simple and all l had to give them was the ship name, dates and start and end port.

I had also sent them photos of the map that the line posted and updated showing the route and they pointed out quite a few differences to the actual route. For example, how we had travelled further South to get around some obstacles that the map on board did not include. So, that was very interesting!Patron Offer: Prints of Your Cruise Itinerary from

EXCLUSIVE Tips For Travellers Discount – Prints of Your Cruise Itinerary from

They are offering 10% discount for you. Just use the code TFT10 at check out or use this link . Global shipping is included in the prices!

Please note that this not an affiliate link and I do not get any commission or a referral fee. As you may know, I don’t have any financial relationships with any travel agent, site, or business I talk about or suggest – I just try to find the best deals and discounts for you to thank you for your support of Tips for Travellers.

Will is a naval architect and Matthew set up a publishing company called Perlego. They were housemates at university and say they got hooked on cruise ships when they toured the QE2 in 2008. Matthew’s Dad worked on the ship as Chief Engineer and his Mum was a Nurse.

If you do give this a go, please do share the maps!


Discount code: TFT10

I hope you find these offers interesting and helpful, let me know and if so, I will keep looking out for more of them for YOU.

Below is the pin-point map they sent across to me – superb!

Patron Offer: Prints of Your Cruise Itinerary from



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