Las Vegas Sky Dive for thrill seeking adventure travellers

Mark sky diving in Las Vegas with Sky Dive Las Vegas

Mark sky diving in Las Vegas with Sky Dive Las Vegas


There is an exciting way to see the Las Vegas area if you are a thrill seeking adventure (adventerous?) traveller. By throwing yourself out of an airplane flying 15,000 feet above sea level.

There are a few options but the one that we used when visiting Las Vegas was Sky Dive Las Vegas. They are based out at Boulder City Airport, which is about half an hour drive from “The Strip”. They will pick you up from outside the McDonald’s opposite Mandalay Bay Hotel or you can drive there yourself.

Watch a video of my partner, Mark, preparing to do the jump, the flight up to 15,000 feet, people leaving the plane and his jump and landing. At the end is footage I took of him landing and a short interview. I was not brave enough to try it!

I was very impressed with how professional, friendly and organized Las Vegas Sky Dive are. Each person jumping is jumping tandem to one of their instructors, all of which have done thousands of jumps.

I recommend you drive there yourself if you can as you can then leave once your dive is done rather than hang about until everyone has done their jump. They do jumps starting at 8am and 12 noon. The plane holds 7 jumpers and 7 instructors and so getting there early and being one of the early to jump is a good idea as they told me that when it is very busy as many as 100 people will do jumps per day.

If you have ever thought of sky diving I recommend doing it here. Las Vegas has great conditions and you have great views of Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam wall and the surrouding area.

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