Jerusalem Old City – Tips For Travellers Podcast #266


In this episode of the podcast Gary Bembridge of, visits Jerusalem and provides tips for travellers on the 10 must-see sights and attractions. In addition he also provides some key observations, historical highlights, best time to visit, getting there and around and general tips and advice.

The journey of people following my trip was interesting. When I first said I was going the reactions were “is it safe?” and some did not approving my visit, due to the politics of Israel and Palestine. Once there and I started posting pictures, the comments and discussion changed to amazement and interest in the beauty, history and grandeur of the old city. Is it a strange city to visit, but is it a fascinating and remarkable place to have experienced. This podcast will explore all of this – and of course the safety issue.
My aim is to ensure you do not waste your time in Jerusalem Old City by sharing the best things to see and do.

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The episode covers the following must-see sights and attractions:

  1. Jaffa Gate.
  2. Ramparts Walk.
  3. Four Quarters.
  4. Western Wall.
  5. Dome of the Rock.
  6. Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
  7. Tower of David and Light Spectacular.
  8. Mount of Olives.
  9. Israel Museum.
  10. Muslim Quarter Markets.




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