Gary Bembridge – inspired by an icon and a diva like no other? It’s #MSCDivina time!

Gary Bembridge stikes a pose in MSC Divina Sunglasses

Gary Bembridge stikes a pose in MSC Divina Sunglasses

It is time! Diva time! In the morning I will be heading off to Miami as one of the official bloggers covering the arrival and inaugural sailing of the MSC Divina from her new home.

The MSC Divina was inspired by and has the screen icon Sophia Loren as her Godmother. Sophia even designed and has a suite on the ship named after her. I will be getting to see and video the suite to share with Tips for Travellers fans and followers.

MSC Cruises sent these screen icon style sunglasses to get me in the mood for the trip with a note saying ” Darling, you mustn’t forget your shades. Wear them with your best outfit and get ready for a star-worthy voyage on board the newest darling to arrive in the Caribbean – the dazzling MSC Divina”. The official website is – and so I have tried to strike a pose worthy of that call….. what do you think?

MSC Divina Official Sunglasses

MSC Divina Official Sunglasses

Follow the adventure at

Declaration: I travelled as a guest of MSC Cruises USA on the MSC Divina.



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