The Ghan Train Australia : Video tour of this iconic railway journey

The Ghan Train in Darwin Northern Territory Australia #NTAustralia

The Ghan Train in Darwin Northern Territory Australia #NTAustralia

The Ghan train in Australia is one of the iconic railway journeys in the world. This luxurious train follows the trail of the pioneering Afghan camel that transported goods through the vast centre of this massive continent.

Today passengers can travel over 2,900 kilometres between Darwin in the Northern Territory to Adelaide in South Australia on board this magnificent train. It stops in Katherine, to allow passengers to explore the breathtaking Katherine Gorge, and Alice Springs, where passengers get to visit this historic town in the centre of the Outback.

In this video I made, I take you on the trip and let you experience what it is like to travel on The Ghan train and what to expect at each of the stops.


Also read my article about the tenth anniversary of The Ghan and listen to my audio podcast recorded live on board the Ghan train sharing observations, tips and advice about The Ghan.

See all the photos of The Ghan Train that I took


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