Who Are The Top 50 And Cruise Vloggers To Watch?

Despite the cruise shutdown, cruise vlog channels on YouTube have been very active – with new ones launching too.

Earlier this year, I started to pull together a list of all the cruise vlog channels I was following (or aware of) on YouTube, and I surprised myself how many there were – 57 and counting as of today. I am sure I have missed many off my list below (and if I have, please add a comment on this post and I will add them).

Hopefully, this list will help anyone interested in cruising to discover new channels to follow and to learn from the extensive, growing and diverse collection of cruise channels across YouTube.

I included channels on the list where at least 80% of the content looks to be cruise focused.

As I built the list, I started adding the number of subscribers and all-time views for the channels, with an aim to update them every 3 – 6 months. The subscriber count is visible on most channels (unless they have turned that option off in YouTube settings) and the all-time views are available on SocialBlade.

Below is the chart of all the channels and that data so far

Comparing the data I collected in February with that in May, there were three things I noticed:

  1. OVER 100,0000: There are now three cruise vlog channels with over 100,000 subscribers as Cruise With Ben and David passed that YouTube milestone number and earned the YouTube Silver Tablet (congratulations!!). That means that two of the three channels with over 100,000 channels are UK-based!! My channel Tips For Travellers (183,000) being the other UK-based channel. Don’s Family Vacations (108,000) who is Canada based is the other channel. At present, no USA-based channel is over 100,000 – though two are getting close and suspect they will be soon.
  2. MOST SUBSCRIBERS ADDED: The fastest growing channel in terms of subscribers since February was Emma Cruises (also UK!) who added 28,400 subscribers in the period between February and May.
  3. CREW-RUN CHANNELS GROWING FAST: Channels set up by current, or recently left, ship crew are ones to watch as a number have launched (I counted 6), and seem to be growing fast and adding subscribers and views quickly. The two fastest growing in this period have been (1) USA-based The Ship Life with 56,300 subscribers (making him the 9th largest cruise vlog channel in the world) and (2) UK’s Chris Wong Vlogs, who works on Royal Caribbean Ships, and only started posting a year ago and is already the 4th biggest UK-based creator cruise vlog channel based on subscribers (39,600 subscribers). I am really enjoying the various crew channels as they bring a new angle to coverage. In the next update I will make it easier to know which those channels are.

Here is the list, and please leave a comment if your channel or one you follow is missing so I can add it

I hope this list helps people find new channels to watch and support, as there is such a wide range of content and passions here.

Tips For TravellersUK20800076,200,000

Don's Family VacationsCanada12500047,300,000
Cruise With Ben & DavidUK11300020,400,000
La Lido LocaUSA11200026,800,000
Royal Caribbean BlogUSA10400023,100,000
EECC TravelsUSA8690015,700,000
Emma CruisesUK7850011,000,000
Schiffstester Matthias MorrGermany7400041,900,000
The ShiplifeUSA723008,730,000
Travelling With BruceCanada6350017,700,000
Harr TravelUSA5810013,200,000
Cruise FeverUSA5360020,800,000
Cruise PassionItaly5100019,000,000
Very Unofficial Travel ChannelGermany4860013,600,000
Chris Wong VlogsUK469002,550,000
Griff & AlyssaUSA425004,790,000
Sea CruisersUSA4220020,200,000
Popular CruisingUSA4220015,200,000
Talking CruiseUSA4000012,900,000
Cruise RadioUSA399007,190,000
Sharon At Sea TravelUSA378006,520,000
Jordan BauthUSA362003,110,000
Mr TravelerUSA318006,710,000
AK AdventuresUSA304002,520,000
Alanna ZinganoUSA283008,010,000
Chris FrameAustralia231007,260,000
Cruise With JoshUSA225005,530,000

Solent ShipsUK2050014,800,000
Visit With UsUK201003,060,000
Same Ship Different DayUK186001,290,000
Sean & StefUSA184003,280,000
Jackson Clavier ProductionsUSA1840016,700,000
Affluent JourneysUSA170005,230,000
Life Well CruisedCanada158001,280,000
JJ CruiseUSA14800809,000
Cruising With WheelsUSA129003,360,000
Scott Singer CruisesUSA102002,730,000
Cruise CriticUSA9050511,000
I Like Cruise ShipsAustralia82802,170,000
Cruising As CrewUK8080539,000
Hoffman Happy TravelsUSA66701,250,000
In The Loop TravelUSA65803,790,000
The Ship ShowUSA6130507,000
Cruise Ship Weather ManUSA60502,350,000
Cruise MonkeysUK5470978,000
Andy and KirstieUK53801,950,000
The Cruise WorldUSA5230340,000
Nautical Nurse NancyUSA5100529,000
The Travel ScoutsUSA4910243,000
Cruise Ship ProfilesUK48301,640,000
Dream Blog Cruise MagazineItaly46203,460,000
Paul And Carole Love To TravelUK44301,190,000
Travel Blog JamieUK32801,380,000
Oakland TravelUSA2990807,000
Cruise CapitalUK29201,670,000
Island TimeUSA2620123000
Ocean Time Australia2450700,000
The Cruise And Travel GuyAustralia2320302,000
Cruising With MatthewUK2200203,000
Cruising PeteUK1720261,000
Cruise Show UKUK168078,500
Cruise HabitUSA1570119,000
High Seas CruisingUSA1550171,000
Dario Cremona - Cruise ExperienceSwitzerland103050,600
Innocents AbroadUSA75175,800
Journey With JoshUSA579150,000
Guga And RobUSA5443,540
Cruise With AmberUK36234,300
Cruise LifestyleUK340103,000
Cruising With JTUSA284120,000
Coast To CoastersUK22828,600
Sunny TravelsUSA17643,200
Cruise With MattUSA11112,500
Cruise HiveUSA534,000
Get Ship Info And MoreUSA436,000
Cruise MummyUK55,500




10 thoughts on “Who Are The Top 50 And Cruise Vloggers To Watch?

    • Thanks, I wasn’t sure about posting but I found (and keep finding) so many new channels to me – and many of these will be THE channels of the future… Going to be fun as cruising starts up watching all of these

  1. I love this list! There are some amazing people on here. My wife has a travel channel with a lot of cruising if you want to see if she would be a good fit for this list. Her name is @haleewithaflair

  2. Hey Gary. Some of the vloggers I really enjoy veiwing weekly is The Tyler Show, Travel With Nick, The Cruise World and so many more

      • Thank you so much Gary, appreciate it!! Everyone starts at the beginning and then the journey is incredible! I am up over 200 subscribers now and just announced my adventure 2 days ago! Let the fun begin! Going on 5 cruises the rest of this year and excited to capture and share content and my experiences!

        John aka Cruising With JT

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