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Cruiseable 1Over the last year I have contributed cruising content and articles as part of a team that has worked on the launch of a new cruise content and booking site and app that has just gone live. In this post, JD Lasica (the founder) answers soem questions I put to him about the new site and what makes it unique and different to everything that is already out there

What is Cruiseable?

Cruiseable is a new service that helps you discover, plan and book a cruise vacation that’s perfect for you. We’re both a travel company and new media publication that fills a big void in the cruise space.

But we’re also a resource for the cruise community. We’re all about sharing authentic experiences through photos and words.

Why did you decide to create it?

I love to cruise, but finding and booking a cruise today is like stepping into a time machine and landing in 1995. Either you have to either find a travel agent, spend an hour on the phone explaining what kind of traveler you are, wait two or three days for her to send you a paper brochure by postal, hope she guessed right, then call her back. Or, you go to any of the Margaret Thatcher-era websites, which force you through a painful gauntlet of dropdown menus.

It’s crazy! So we set out to reverse-engineer the entire cruise discovery, planning and booking process from the ground up by removing the pain points. We see this as not just a business but a cause. We’re here to help the cruise sector out of its time warp by embracing its digital, social and mobile future.

There are many cruise sites and resources available to travellers. What makes Cruiseable different and unique to others they may be using already?

We’ve created Cruiseable as a cruise community and a travel resource. Right now you have to go to one site for reader recommendations, another site for cruise itineraries, another site to book it. Cruiseable is an all-in-one solution that provides the information you need and connects you with travel advisors who really know cruises.

We love CruiseCritic and think cruisers should start there to read about people’s cruise experiences. When you’re done, come over to Cruiseable and see photos of every single ship operated by 30 of the world’s top cruise lines. See photos and travel guides to more than 150 cruise destinations and ports of call. And use any of these 10,000-plus high-resolution photos in your own review or article. Nobody else lets you do that.

Who is behind Cruiseable?

Our team spans eight time zones in four countries. We’re a ragtag army of cruise bloggers –  Cruise Miss, CruiseBuzz, Cruise Currents and yourself (Tips For Travellers) – as well as travel writers, technologists and travel professionals who know the cruise industry cold. We all have a passion for cruising and tech innovation.

Lisa, JD and Giacomo some of the team behind Cruiseable

Lisa, JD and Giacomo some of the team behind Cruiseable

Can you highlight the main features of Cruiseable?

  1. Cruise discovery. We let you browse through thousands of beautiful images of ships and destinations — accompanied by trustworthy travel journalism instead of marketing hype.
  2. Technology: Our Bliss filters atop any page help you zero in on the cruise that fits your style and budget.
  3. Photo sharing. We spent a year downloading organizing and optimizing more than 10,000 photos from the cruise lines and tourism organizations to you help you find a travel experience that speaks to you. And we make it easy for you to share these on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.
  4. Travel guides. Our travel writers and editors have put together dozens of smart travel guides, port guides and ship overviews. Want to decide between Ocho Rios, Barbados and San Juan? Start here. Check out our guides to Sydney, the Canary Islands, Florence, the Galapagos, Bermuda — or Gary’s guide to Monte Carlo.
  5. Visual Lists. Our innovative Visual Lists let people share their cruise and travel experiences through photos and text.

cruiseable 2Can you give your top tips on how travellers can get the most from Cruiseable?

Please register on the site so you can take advantage of all the sharing and planning features. We hope you’ll share your own experiences via the comments or by posting an article, review, photo or Visual List.

Use the filters in the top navigation to begin your discovery process. Start with a destination, date, price point or with our Bliss filters, which show you the ships with the highest ratings for things like romance, fine dining, entertainment, cultural immersions, being family friendly and more.

Even if you don’t plan on taking a cruise, we think you’ll love to browse and share the thousands of incredible images on Cruiseable with your family and social networks.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask any question. We’re here to help you experience a once-in-a-lifetime holiday for your family.

Watch a video about Cruiseable:

Gary Bembridge

I grew up in Zimbabwe, but I have been based in London since 1987. My travel life spans more than three decades and that includes more than 95 cruises. In 2005, I launched Tips for Travellers to make it easy and fun for people to discover, plan and enjoy incredible cruise vacations. And the rest, as they say, is history. I have the largest cruise vlogger channel currently on YouTube, with more than 3 million video views per month.

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  1. JD Lasica says:

    Thanks for the good questions, Gary. We’ll be continuing to enhance the service in the coming weeks and months, so if any cruise enthusiasts want to send us suggestions on what they’d like to see on the site or the mobile app (coming in 2 weeks), we’d be very interested in hearing from you.

    Keep on cruisin’!

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