Top Tips For Travellers September 2018

These were the five most watched Tips For Travellers videos on YouTube in September 2018. My Tips For Travellers channel have over 500,000 video views this month with average watch time for each of over four minutes.

#1: 10 Cabins To Avoid

Published 4 January. All-time views 1,367,160

#2: Reasons To Cruise In An Inside Cabins

Published 19 September. All-time views 39,366


#3: Cruises To Avoid

Published 9 November 2017. All-time views 486,976


#4 Princess Cruises Tips

Published 8 June 2017. All-time views 370,179


#5 Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Crossing Tips

Published 8 February. All-time views 84,993


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