The not quite New York cruise terminal sort of opens…

It is such a pity (in my view) that ships like the QUEEN MARY 2 will from 2006 no longer be sailing to and from New York itself, but from a new terminal in Brooklyn.

It was SO magical (and practical too), when we went on the QE2 and sailed right into New York itself. Not only was it exciting – but also meant within minutes we were at Penn Station (a few blocks away) and heading off on the train to Washington. Oh well….

Here is some news from a cruise newsletter about the terminal that had its first “trial” when the Carnival owned P&O ship arrived there yesterday:

“New” Cruise Terminal Opens in New York City

P&O’s Oriana became the first cruise ship to dock at the New York City’s new $45 million Red Hook cruise terminal in Brooklyn on Saturday.

Unfortunately, construction work on many of the facilities has yet to be completed so passengers were processed through a temporary facility which workers were rushing to complete prior to the 853-foot cruise ship’s arrival early Saturday morning.

A full service terminal is expected to be completed in April of 2006.

The move from Manhattan to Red Hook is part of a larger $200 million effort that was unveiled by NYC Mayor Bloomberg last year to renovate and expand its cruise facilities. The plan is intended to promote the fast-growing industry by building a new terminal in Brooklyn and completely overhauling the New York Cruise Terminal on Manhattan’s West Side to support the growing number of passengers flowing into New York’s ports.

Critics of the plan say that it will dramatically alter the experience of passengers arriving or departing in New York. Instead of sailing past the historic New York City skyline, the ships would take a turn after entering the harbor and tie up in the largely industrial area of Red

The city is leasing about 28 acres from the Port Authority, which includes Piers 11 and 12, the associated upland area in Red Hook. The cruise facility on Pier 12 is expected to provide sufficient warehouse and upland area to accommodate the operational needs of the cruise lines. A passenger pick-up and drop-off area and approximately 400 parking spaces will be provided on Pier 12, while Pier 11 will offer a vehicular access road to the terminal.”

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