MSC Divina is on her way to Miami. 2 Weeks today I will be too #MSCDivina

The MSC Divina is on her way from Venice to her new year-round Home in Miami where she will sail all year around the Caribbean. I will be in Miami when the ship arrives to see and record her arrival – and then I will be joining the ship for the inaugural cruise out of the city.

The ship already has many Italian touches which I will report more of when on board, but the ship is carrying an icon of Italy. A Fiat 500. Watch a video of the car being loaded onto the ship:

MSC Cruises says: “An additional touch of Italian style enchanted spectators in Venice before setting sail for Miami, as a fabulous Rosso Brillante (metallic red) Fiat 500, or Cinquecento as it is known in Italy, was loaded onto the ship to officially escort MSC Divina across the Atlantic Ocean.  Fans can follow the iconic journey by following MSC Cruises USA ( and FIAT USA (”

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