Explore Travel. Using Emotions To Find The Right Holiday!

Do you really know where you should go on your next holiday? 

This could be the answer!

To help travellers find the perfect holiday a way to tap into emotional responses to travel stimulus has been devised by Explore Travel in the United Kingdom. A device worn on the head (shown above) reads the brain’s emotional reactions to a range of images and ideas and then, based on the profile generated, the perfect holiday is recommended – be it walking, cycling, cultural trips or wildlife.

Now for science bit!

Explore Travel described the technology to me as follows: “The bespoke software harnesses a technique known as electroencephalography, or EEG, which tracks people’s emotional reactions to visual stimuli. The program then interprets the subsequent electrical activity from the scalp and measures voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flows within the neurons of the brain. The technology can then interpret this neurological activity to decide if the subject is finding something pleasurable”. A Chartered Clinical Psychologist from the British Psychological Society, Dr Jessamy Hibberd, said, “Peoples emotional responses to experiences and moments in their lives differ greatly, so it’s a fascinating proposition – using technology to reveal consumers’ strongest emotions to travel stimuli, and therefore the holidays that will fulfil them the most.

Does it work?

Explore Travel demonstrated the device and process at The Oracle Shopping Centre in Reading all day on 25 January and the posts from travellers on Twitter (using the hashtag #ExploreTheMoment) during the day suggest that it could be the future for finding the right holiday. Here are some reactions from people trying the system:





Save on Family Holidays with Explore Travel

To find out more visit the Explore Travel website and take a look at the holidays they could offer – as well as the special deals and promotions. For example on family holidays there are many offers at https://www.explore.co.uk/family-holidays, and if you book any family trip by 31st January and receive FREE Standard Merlin Annual Passes, worth up to £179pp!


This post was developed in partnership with Explore Travel.

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