Tall Ships Races Turku Finland 2017

Turku is the oldest city in Finland. For at least 800 years it has been a commercial centre focused around the connection to the ocean and the River Aura that runs through the heart of the city. This picturesque city has been host to the Tall Ships Races when it is in the region for a record five times. I was invited to see the over 90 tall ships when they passed through the city on the 2017 race series by Visit Turku. It was a magnificent sight with all the ships filling every inch of the river banks and crowds of people coming to view them. An estimated 500,000 people attended over the free days they were in the city. It was a carnival and party atmosphere.

The ships moved around the region stopping at a number of ports, engaging in races. This is the 2017 route and ports:

2017 tall ships races route

The best way to show and explain the event is through pictures and video.

Watch my video telling the story of the Tall Ships and showing the ships:


Here are some of my favourite ships and pictures that I took of the Tall Ships Races boats moored in River Aura:

All of my photos of the Tall Ships in Turku can be viewed at : https://tipsfortravellers.smugmug.com/Tall-Ships-Races-Turku-Finland/

Find out more about my travels to Turku at tipsfortravellers.com/turku-finland

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Note: I travelled as a guest of Visit Turku for a two-night visit to the city.

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