Tips for Travellers Podcast 120 : Janice Waugh @solotraveler talks Solo Travel Tips and Advice

Solo Travelers Handbook Janice WaughIn this episode of the Tips for Travellers audio podcast, I talk with Janice Waugh to get her expert advice and tips on Solo Travel.

Janice runs the Solo Traveler Blog and is also the author of “The Solo Traveler’s Handbook”. Her popular blog sends out twice monthly newsletters with the latest on solo travel as well as the promotions and travel deals especially  for the solo traveller.

Janice is also the publisher of the Traveler’s Handbook series which cover topics that include Career Break Travel, Family Travel, Food Travel, Cruise Travel and Volunteer Travel.

In this episode Janice shares how she started travelling solo and gives lots of tips on planning, getting the most out of and aspects like safety when travelling by yourself

Listen to the podcast the following ways:

Listen online using this link or the player below:


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