Northern Territory Australia. More Than Just Icons of Uluru and Australia Outback

Northern Territory Australia. More Than Just Icons of Uluru and the Australia Outback

Uluru, Central Australia

When interviewing a Government Minister from a country you should get their region name right. Something that I failed to do when interviewing the Minister for Tourism and Major Events from the Northern Territory Government of Australia. I asked him to tell me about the “Northern Territories”. Luckily he has heard that mistake many times, set me right and proceeded to talk enthusiastically about the marvels of this iconic region of Australia. It is an interview that I will never forget. Both the importance of getting it right – but also how much more this territory has to offer than I had ever imagined.

I was given the opportunity to interview both the Minister, the Hon. Matthew Conlan, and the Chief Executive Officer of Tourism Northern Territory, Tony Mayell, while they both were in London hosting a webinar about the region for Travel Bloggers.

Their enthusiasm and passion for the region was inspiring, so much so that it has made me change my plans for my month long trip around Australia to now spend more time in the Northern Territory. Like so many people, I had always seen the region as a vast red brown outback with the must-see and instantly recognisable icon of Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock by some). Instead it is a diverse and a total “explorers” destination.

Some of the interesting things they told me about, and you can hear in the interview itself which I have posted below, about the Northern Territory includes:

  • It is vast. Being one sixth of Australian land mass, and the 3rd largest territory in Australia.
  • It is very lightly populated, with only 230,000 people. 110,000 at the top of the region and only 30,000 in the hot red centre.
  • While most people think of the territory as offering the Australian Outback experience with the global icon of Uluru, at the top is a lush tropical harbour area with stunning mountain park with waterfalls and crocodiles. It is a real find for ramblers, bird watchers and water sport lovers.
  • There is a rich art and cultural scene, including a dynamic Aborigine art scene and culture.
  • You can get there direct from Asia through Singapore into Darwin, as well as 2 or 3 hours from every other major Australian city.

Listen to the interview with Matthew Conlan (Minister for Tourism) and Tony Mayell (CEO Tourism NT) online using the player below or by using this link. Also subscribe via iTunes and get my other podcasts and interviews.

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