A Perfect Day Out in Las Vegas. Escaping To Peaceful Lake Mead

When I think of Las Vegas I think of a peaceful, calm and quiet getaway. This may sound strange for a city jammed full of noisy, smoke filled casinos and loud parties of over excited visitors rushing about partying. However, I have the perfect day out that creates a very different experience.

Most visitors spend a day in Las Vegas stuck on “The Strip”. Some do go on a hectic day out by plane or helicopter to the Grand Canyon which includes a quick flight over the Hoover Dam Wall to let them capture a few trophy shots.

Jet Skiing on Lake Mead at Hoover Dam Wall

Jet Skiing on Lake Mead at Hoover Dam Wall

Very few people take a day trip to the lake created by the wall – Lake Mead. This is a largely ignored destination and day out. A day that provides a calming, cooling and relaxed escape from the madness of Las Vegas city.

Lake Mead is the large, and very deep, man-made lake created when the Hoover Dam Wall was built. The lake is a pleasant and cooling place to swim in the heat of the desert as all around the lake are beach like areas. There is a large marina where you can hire boats and jet skis to explore the lake, while it is surrounded by the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, a natural and undeveloped place of natural beauty, for those that prefer walking.

My ideal day out while in Las Vegas is to head out to Lake Mead, which is about an hour drive, and hire a boat or jet ski for the day. You are allowed to sail up close to the Hoover Dam Wall. The wall is impressive from the lake. This Art deco styled construction was built during the Great Depression, and is quite an engineering feat. The towering concrete bulk is very impressive looking up at it from the water. .

Lake Mead is very quiet during the week, as few visitors venture onto the lake. You really do feel as if you have it to yourself, hence why it is such a special day out. My perfect day out tip for anyone staying in Las Vegas.

Swimming in Lake Mead Las Vegas

Swimming in Lake Mead Las Vegas

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