Episode 91: Caribbean Podcast – 3 Surprises

Tips for Travellers Podcast 91: Caribbean

Tips for Travellers Podcast 91: Caribbean

In episode 91 of the Tips for Travellers Audio podcast, I share 3 surprising things that I found out about the Caribbean while I was back there on a 2 week trip. As listeners of the podcast and readers of the blog will know, I adore the Caribbean. It is a stunning and beautiful place to visit both on a land based vacation or on a cruise. I have covered the region a few times before on the podcast, and at the bottom of this post are links to past episodes on the region.

In this podcast I will discuss, among other things, how the islands got their names, why the islands got heavier and the most popular islands and why. In the next 2 podcasts I will continue the Caribbean theme and share more tips for travelers to islands I have not yet covered on the podcast, and will also feature how to get the most out of duty and tax free shopping in the region.

Meantime, take a listen to this podcast and hear 3 surprising things about the Caribbean that should interest and be relevant to anyone considering visiting the Caribbean – be it for the first time or a repeat visit.

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