MSC Preziosa Yacht Club Video Tour & Review. Unique ship within a ship experience.

MSC Cruises MSC Preziosa Yacht Club. A unique ship within a ship up-market experience

MSC Cruises Preziosa Yacht Club "Members Only" Entrance

Yacht Club “Members Only”

This article is a review, with video tour, of the MSC Cruise Yacht Club ship-within-a-ship concept.

It is available on all MSC Cruise “Fantasia” class ships ( MSC Fantasia, MSC Splendida, MSC Divina and the MSC Preziosa). This article is based on my experience of travelling on the MSC Preziosa, the newest of these ships. It was launched in March 2013.

The MSC Yacht Club is for travellers that want the amenities and entertainment that the new mega cruise ships offer, but dread busy decks and the hustle and bustle that comes with it. It offers a stylish, calmer and more pampered existence hidden away as a retreat within their large and busy cruise ships. It means that when you have had enough of the big shows, the noisy casino or loud bars, you can withdraw into the quiet sanctuary of your suite, visit the quiet lounge or lounge around the exclusive pool and hot tubs.

This spin on the premium suite offering on cruise ships is not something that other cruise lines that I have travelled on offer. Even Cunard, whose roots are in class based ocean travel, do not have a fully dedicated section of the ship for their premium Queens and Princess Grill offer. Their premium suites are dotted around the ship, as are the few limited lounges and deck spaces.

The closest land based experience I have had is in Las Vegas where we stay at the Four Seasons when visiting. Similar to MSC Cruises Yacht Club, the Four Seasons is a hotel hidden on the top floors of Manadalay Bay Hotel with dedicated reception, quiet pool and spaces. Step through a discrete door and you can access the hectic Mandalay Bay casino, wave pools and party bars.

Watch my video tour of the MSC Yacht Club I made on the MSC Preziosa which will take you through the entrance, deluxe suite, concierge, lounge, pool deck, restaurant and the access to the spa.

Access to the Yacht Club is controlled by your room key.

Located on Decks 15, 16 and 18, there are over 60 suites in the Yacht Club, with most being like this Deluxe stateroom. Larger family and royal suites are available too. All have 24 hour butler access.

The hub of the Yacht Club is this 24 hour Concierge office. The Concierge will handle all your billing, bookings and queries without you having to line up in the busy 5th floor reception. This circular room features this grand sweeping gold Swaroski Crystal Staircase with over 800 crystals.

The Top Sail lounge is a key retreat and meeting place for Yacht Club guests. This massive room overlooks the bow of the ship, has plenty of seats and is open 24 hours for complimentary breakfast, all day snacks, and even traditional afternoon tea. It serves great coffee and fabulous evening cocktails.

Up on Deck 18 is The One Pool. This is an exclusive area to escape the more boisterous pools and busy public sunbathing decks on-board. There is a covered plunge pool, 2 large hot tubs, plenty of recliners to soak up the sun and a shaded bar to sit with new friends and share moments and experiences.

There is a handy direct elevator access from the Yacht Club down into the massive Aurea Spa and gym.

La Palmeraire is the Yacht Club restaurant, and is my favourite restaurant on the ship. This stylish venue is located at the rear of the ship, so you have to leave the cocoon of the Yacht Club to enjoy it. But the food, the service and style makes it well worth it.

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