Margot Raggett Photography: Big Cats in Kenya’s Masai Mara

In this post, I am featuring some amazing “big cat” photographs taken by Margot Raggett on a Masai Mara Safari, the famous Kenya Game Reserve. Margot is a business consultant who is now building a formidable photography portfolio capturing images on her varied travels.

Margot is also the owner of the stunning villa in Kefalonia Greece, called Korianna House, that I covered on the blog when we went to stay there in the Summer.

Two Cubs – Kenya’s Masai Mara. Copyright: Margot Raggett

Margot writes about her photographs:

Kenya’s Masai Mara is one of my favourite places on earth and I’ve been lucky enough to visit four times now in the last two years and yet it still manages to take my breath away. The vast open plains are literally teeming with wildlife, from herds of elephants and wildebeest to elegant giraffe and colourful birds such as the famous Lilac Breasted Roller.

The most excitement however is understandably reserved by the majority of visitors for the big cats and I’m no exception. Propelled to fame by the long-running BBC show ‘Big Cat Diary’, many of the Mara’s cats are celebrities in their own rights with people coming from all over the world to try and catch a glimpse of their favourites.

None of these images are of ‘famous’ cats I’m afraid but serve to show just how beautiful and fascinating each can be, regardless of its TV resume. A trip to the Mara won’t fail to disappoint anyone and who knows, instead of a visit remaining just a ‘trip of a lifetime’, you too might also become addicted to this wonderful place like me and want to return again and again. Maybe see you there!

Male Lion in Kenya’s Masai Mara. Copyright: Margot Raggett

Kenya’s Masai Mara. Copyright: Margot Raggett

Lions Mating, Kenya’s Masai Mara. Copyright: Margot Raggett

Cheetah, Kenya’s Masai Mara. Copyright: Margot Raggett


Margot Raggett

Margot Raggett : Photographer and Business Consultant


Margot Raggett is an aspiring photographer who travels as often as she can to pursue her love of taking images. She bought her first ‘proper’ camera in 2010 for a Safari to the Masai Mara and fell in love with both the place and the art of taking pictures. After a course at the London School of Photography and several camera upgrades later, she now shoots on a Nikon D800. She loves wildlife, people and landscapes and her photographic heroes are Jonathan & Angela Scott. When not travelling she splits her time between London and Greece and is a business consultant.

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