Kalk Bay, Cape, South Africa

This quaint and fun town is on the way from Cape Town to Cape Point, or if you prefer Boulder Bay (penguins) or Simonstown (Naval Base),

It is a popular holiday town and weekend place to visit, and the main road which runs through the town gets very clogged and slow – and it is very hard to find somewhere to park.

The main part of town is charming and the architecture from its heyday as a weekend and holiday stop reeks of colonial times. Although the buildings could probably do with some investment, they have amazing charm and are now filled with antique shops, restaurants, quirky artwork galleries and jewellery shops. The charm being they are all made by local area artists and so unique.

There is also a distinct hippy feel a lot of the time and you see tarot reading and physics’ shops.

There is a small harbour and there is Harbour House which apparently serves great food along with great views. It was too busy the day we went, but came highly recommended.

It was a great town to wander around and there seems to be loads of guest houses and holiday apartments with great ocean views as it rises fast from sea level up to the mountains.

Handy also for popping along the road to see the penguins.

Gary Bembridge

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