Table Mountain Cape Town

View from Table Mountain Cape Town

Table Mountain Cape Town, originally uploaded by garybembridge.

Cable Car Table Mountain

Table Mountain Cape Town (2), originally uploaded by garybembridge.

Table Mountain is what makes Cape Town instantly recognisable and is what the city is best known for.

It is certainly very impressive and creates a wonderful backdrop to the city. They have done a pretty good job at protecting the natural beauty of the mountain.

There is a very efficient cable car than runs from 8am until as late as 10pm in the peak summer season. It carries about 40 or more and 900 people can go up or down in an hour. Saying that, it is still best to get there early or you can wait for up to 2 hours as some people did to get up and then down over the Christmas peak time.

At the top of the mountain there are paths laid out and to protect the park you have to stay on them. There is also a restaurant and gift shop.

The cable car ride is quite something, with the floor rotating so everyone gets a good view. It is quite amazing and for those that are not so keen on heights it can be a bit scary, but it looks and feels much better in the car than watching it going up!

The top of the mountain is often in clouds and so people tend to wait for clear days before going up, but although you miss the amazing views of a clear day even on a cloudy day it is an experience and clouds move fast giving glimpses to the views below.

It is a real must do, but go early!

And even on hot days take something as can be much cooler at the top.

Table Mountain Cape Town

Table Mountain Cape Town (15), originally uploaded by garybembridge.


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