Jodi Ettenberg Talks Food Travel Tips : Audio Interview

food1Jodi Ettenberg runs and is also the author of “The Food Traveler’s Handbook” published in paperback and electronic book forms by Full Flight Press.

I interviewed her to find out why she feels food as a focus for travel is a great idea. In the interview she explains how and why food can unlock surprising insights about the people, culture and history of a destination.

She also talks about how having diet issues does not have to hold you back from making food a focus for travel – and provides some helpful tips and advice on how to manage this.

Jodi also talks about her food walks and tours that she runs. You can find out more about these at

Listen to Jodi Ettenberg talking about food travel online or listen using the audio player below. You can also subscribe for free to the Tips for Travellers Podcast on iTunes to get this and all other episodes and interviews.


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