Hyatt Regency Princeton: So very biege in every way

I have stayed in this hotel now at least 20 or more times over the last few years. I don’t like it particularly, but (sadly) it is one of the best of a bad bunch generally in the New Jersey/ Princeton area. But this is not saying very much at all…

The hotel was “tarted up” some years ago, and other than looking cleaner it does really feel like a missed opportunity as the whole place still looks like it was designed by an uninspired 70s architect and interior designer. It reeks of blandness, and the rooms while a decent size are just so “beige” and dull. The bathrooms are again a decent size but look like an austere accountant designed them.

What ever you do, make sure you do not get put in one of the rooms that face into the awful and large echoing atrium where they play elevator music loudly all day and night and your room echos from the people meeting in the atrium until all hours.

The air con is very noisy and you need to have it off not matter the time of the year. The staff are cheerful and do their best to sound upbeat in this dreary place.The food is again very average, with slow service that feels caught in a time loop from the past. The hotel is always very busy, as despite all of the above due to the lack of anything much better they do a good and strong trade….. one day hopefully some hotel group will try and raise the game in the Princeton area…

I always feel like I am being submerged into a pool of beige when I visit here, and am always surprised at how many shades of beige one can get into one space.

You can see just how much beige there is by watching the videos of some of the rooms I have stayed in…

Here is a video of room 244. I say the wrong room number in the video..but it is room 244

Some videos of some of the rooms:
Room 214

Room facing onto the atrium

A “deluxe room” number 299

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