Hotel Review, Photos & Video: Suites at One King West Toronto Room 2910(14)

I have really mixed feelings about this hotel.

I had a really great room on the 29th floor (2910) which seems to be larger than many of the other rooms and had a very comfortable large bed, sofa and the desk area and a small kitchen area. In the kitchen area is a washing machine, tumble dryer, microwave and fridge. the decor was stylish, the pictures on the wall attractive photos and the view was really quite amazing. I had corner windows on 2 sides and then windows looking out over to the water where in the early evening the water was full of small sailing ships. The bathroom was small with small bath that was more of a shower than a bath but you could have had a bath if you wanted one.

The suites at One King West seem to be a mix of hotel and also residential and long stay. The accommodation is in a large tower of about 45 floors that was built above an old bank building from the turn of the century. The place is very much two different places. The old bank building (which seems to have had a chequered history and been empty and abandoned for a long period) is a bit gloomy and dowdy. I did not like the lobby area at all as it really feels a bit like one of those conference type hotels that usually seem to be in the middle of nowhere. Then you go up into the tower and your room and it is like you are in a different hotel altogether. The interior designer who did the hotel rooms clearly had no say on the old bank building. The meeting areas and rooms in the bank building area are very gloomy and dark with dark drapes.

You eat meals if you have an event there in “The Vault” which is what it says with the amazingly HUGE door that used to lock the vault still there. It is worth looking at. The hotel has 24 hour room service but no actual restaurant to eat in. It is a great location as very central with lots of shops and places to eat around and is also very close to the CN Tower etc.

But there was something overall impersonal and cold about the place. The price is very good and so great value for money for the rooms. But not a place I would rush back to if I was heading back to Toronto. It is one of those, ok places. Not good. Not bad. The view from my room though was the one thing that I did really like about the place.


Suites at One King West Toronto Room 2910 (7), originally uploaded by garybembridge.

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