CN Tower, Toronto, Canada: Modern Wonder of the World

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The CN Tower is HUGE. It is one of the tallest structures in the world and boast the world’s highest observation platform. When built it was named as one of the “Modern Wonders of the World”.

It is quite a feat of engineering, and is actually an attractive looking building considering it is a concrete tower. It can be slow to get up it as it seems to have become even more popular than they expected and you can end up shuffling in queues to get to the elevators. Once in they rocket up to the main observation platform. They have some glass sides and roof so you can see just how fast you are going. The video shows the lift experience. It takes quite a while to get up despite the speed of the lift.

Once up there, the view is amazing and worth the trip as the video below shows. Look at the baseball stadium at the start!

The scary part is on one level down where there is a glass floor section that is a clear drop underneath to the ground. It is amazing how scary it is to step onto it and walk around and many people tip toe around or just cannot step onto it.

The video shows the glass floor and the drop.

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