Hotel Cascais Miragem Lisbon (Review, Video & Photos)

What a beautiful hotel this is! I only wished as soon as I got there that I was both staying longer and that I was there for a vacation rather than the work conference that I as attending. It seemed almost criminal not to be on holiday here.

The hotel is big with a large open and dramatic lobby area that soars up high, with large glass staircase and glass sided lifts. It is bright and airy and despite the scale of the lobby it is still welcoming as it has small seating areas dotted around it.

Watch the video of the hotel room below:

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The bedrooms are also huge. Really huge in fact. Although they are not especially luxurious and overly expensively furnished they have a cooling and impressive feel with lots of cupboard space, good sized desk and flat screen TV. The bathroom was really good as it is large with marble, rich looking accessories and large shower and bath. It felt kind of “Hollywood”!

There is a stunning pool on one of the upper levels and as the rooms have balconies you cans it out overlooking the pool and the bay. The bay is the other side of a main road in front of the hotel.

There are surprisingly few options on places to eat in the hotel but the breakfast and lunch buffets were especially generous and good.

The hotel staff are efficient and friendly and add to the overall welcoming effect of the hotel.

The conference rooms are also massive and so I assume the hotel, despite its very vacation feel must host many large conferences and I suspect this may be what accounts for a lot of the out-of-season trade at the hotel as the sorts of rates we were paying for the quality of the hotel were fantastic. They would not be that in summer.

I would like to go back through as a tourist. the area the hotel is in is beautiful and the bay and surrounding town looks just as intriguing

Watch the video of the room I stayed in below:

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