CroisiEurope Deborah Barge – My Drone Video

CroisiEurope Deborah BargeI have just had two new experiences, and managed to combine them. First, I was invited by CroisiEurope to try one of their French barge hotel cruises and, secondly, I have got a drone (DJI Spark) and tried it out on on this trip.

I was pleased with the results for this first outing as I captured shots of CroisiEurope Deborah in a number of the places we docked in, where it was permitted to fly a drone. The video below shows the footage I captured.

My drone footage of CroisiEurope Deborah Barge

Watch on YouTube:

I have wanted to get a drone for a while. However, it is difficult to take on most cruises and the places you can fly are getting more restricted. However, I feel the shots can add a lot to my videos of cruises and so have taken the leap. I enjoyed it.

I also really enjoyed my barge cruise with CroisiEurope. We did more of a river cruise than canal cruise, as the Loire Canal we were scheduled to go on has too low water levels. The cruise took me from Sens to Paris along the Yonne and Seine rivers. Watch out for my videos and articles about barge cruising to come.

Note: I travelled as a guest of CroisiEurope on a 6-night cruise on Deborah barge. To find out more about their canal barge cruises visit the CroisiEurope site and follow my CroisiEurope Canal Barge page.

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