Concorde Saint Lazare Hotel Paris France

Of the various Concorde Hotels that I have stayed at in Paris in the last few months, this was my least favorite. But it is still overall a good hotel but a bit pricey for what it offers.

The hotel is in a great location, especially for tourists, as it is right next to the large Saint Lazare station and metro station is right across the road with easy connections to all the main tourist parts of town.

Like some of the other Concorde hotels in Paris, like the Lueticia, this building is a glorious art deco building and styling inside. The whole reception area is quite spectacular and a real “wow factor” with huge ceilings and pillars. The main hotel restaurant, Terminus, is also very art deco. The food though is terrible, as is most of the food on offer in the hotel. This is a real pity. I had one of the most costly and awful meals at the restaurant.

One thing that is generally good at Concorde hotels is that the staff is all very friendly and helpful, from the guys on the door through to the housekeeping teams.

I was staying on the 4th floor. The corridors with their dark and art deco styling feel like you are walking down the corridors on a stately cruise liner from the time when cruising was glitzy and plush. The strange thing about the rooms is that the doors open out into the hallway, which creates a strange experience. The room (I was in 483) was a fairly good size with high ceilings and windows, and was fairly quiet considering it faced on the busy streets around the hotel.
The bed was large and very comfortable but the overall décor was very dated. The furniture was old fashioned and dark. The hotel is from a time before emails and although there is free wireless I needed to pull the heavy desk away from the wall to try and find a plug to plug my laptop into.

The bathroom was bright and airy and perfectly fine.

There is no fitness centre, which considering the status and cost of the hotel is not a great idea I thought.

So overall, a perfectly fine hotel that is very popular it seems with more affluent tourists and lots of people from Asia with money. But not a hotel I would seek out to stay at again as I don’t think it is great value.

Watch a video of Room 483 on YouTube: click here


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