Uniworld Danube River Cruise: My video overview and review

Uniworld River Beatrice Docked in Passau Germany

Uniworld River Beatrice Docked in Passau Germany

Watch my video overview of the Uniworld Enchanting Danube river cruise

Uniworld’s “Enchanting Danube” river cruise sails 7-night cruises between Passau in Germany and Budapest in Hungary.

Passau is a medivaeal town located where three rivers converge. The Danube, Ilz and Inn. Local guides take small groups of passengers on a leisurely walking tour that includes a peaceful stroll along the fast flowing rivers, exploring the quaint central square and a visit to the baroque St Stephen’s Cathedral – home of one of the world’s largest pipe organs. There is time to take in Castle Oberhaus overlooking the town hall, which has the flood levels across the centuries marked on its base.

The cruise through Germany, Austria and Hungary involves passing through at least eleven locks. They are a fascinating experience as you marvel at their simplicity and ingenuity. The largest lock you pass through transports the ship over 60 feet. Hydro-electric generating stations are linked to each of them providing significant amounts power to the three countries.

Linz is the third largest city in Austria and a key industrial and steel manufacturing centre. Coach tours take passengers either to Salzburg or to explore Linz itself. Highlights of the tour include a visit a 90-year old Austrian cafe to eat traditional Linzertorte, a guided walking tour of the old town with time to explore the beautiful town square before heading off to a nearby farm. There you taste their farm-made cider and enjoy a meal of produce and meats all raised and made on the estate.

A half-day stop is made to Melk, also in Austria. This picturesque town is best known for its grand Benedictine Monastery and Abbey. Originally founded in the 11th century the property has grown over the years and includes beautiful formal gardens. The main buildings are baroque in style all all a distinctive yellow. The Uniworld guide takes groups on a tour of the museum of religious history and artefacts from the monastery before a final visit to the dramatic and impressive Abbey itself.

The energetic among the guests can chose to cycle instead of sailing between Melk and Durnstein. It is a 17 mile ride through the scenic Wachau valley.

Durnstein is a small town with ruined fortress that once held the English King Richard the Lionheart prisoner. A half day stop is made here for exploring nearby vineyards.

Vienna is a key stop on the cruise with an overnight stay to enable passengers time to go on tours that explore the culture, history and music of the capital of Austria.

Sailing into Budapest is a highlight of the cruise for many passengers. Gliding into the city with breathtaking buildings on either side of the river it is easy to understand why they have been declared UNESCO World Heritage sites. From the docking point in the heart of the city the included tour explores the best of Budapest including the impressive Heroes Square and the palace and Matthias Church high up on Castle Hill, which also offers panoramic views across the entire city.

The “Enchanting Danube” cruise on Uniworld’s River Beatrice provides a delightful mix of natural beauty, fascinating history and entertaining culture.

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