Thanks for Hong Kong Walking Tour Advice!


Hong Kong Skyline. Photo by Christopher Lance -

Hong Kong Skyline. Photo by Christopher Lance –

It is always great to hear how my tips for travellers have helped travellers get the most out of any destination. This is, after all, the reason I started podcasting, making videos and the blog back in 2005.

I received this email from Rich K who spoke about how my global travel destinations podcast series has helped him and his wife with their year of travel:

“Just wanted to say thanks for all of your travel podcasts. I listened to many of your earlier audio podcasts via iTunes in preparation for a year of travel with my wife.

We’re currently in Hong Kong and I had remembered that you recommended picking up a walking tours guide at the airport. It looks like you gave that advice in just your 2nd podcast back in 2006. You’ll be pleased to know that the advice is still useful as we found the brochure at a Hong Kong Tourism kiosk and walked one of the tours yesterday, which we thoroughly enjoyed. We plan to do another one today. Thanks again and all the best to you.”

To listen to the Hong Kong episode that Rich refers to, you can listen online now using the audio player below or one of the following options:

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